Quilted Non-Slip Dog Car Seat Cover

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  • Keeps Dogs In The Back - Dogs jumping around your car while you're driving can be scary and dangerous! Keep them restricted to the back seat for their safety. 
  • Quilted And Waterproof - In addition to keeping dog hair off your seats, this will also keep the scratches off of them. The comfortable, quilted fabric design is waterproof and will keep accidents and drool stains out of your car.
  • Mesh Viewing Area - Easily the best function of this cover is the ability to view your pet through the mesh (situated so it is between driver's and passenger's seats) to check on them and to let them know they're okay, and so are you!
  • Pockets - Use the handy pockets on the cover for your pet's supplies or treats! 
  • Fits Standard-Sized Backseats - Simply attach this cover with hooks in your backseat! Full size including curved-up walls is 82" length with a 53" size for the seat portion. The full width, including curved walls, is 57". 


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