Ultra High Pressure Filtrating Shower Head


Product Highlights 

  • Increases water pressure by up to 200%

  • Removes chlorine and other health degrading chemicals 

  • Save Money: Reduces water usage by up to 30%

  • Easily installs to your existing shower hose

  • Customize your shower experience with 3 spray options: jet, massage, or waterfall

Save money while upgrading your shower experience  

Designed with LUV current-limiting technology, our shower head increases your water flow's efficiency, giving you up to 200% STRONGER water pressure while REDUCING water output.  This means you can give yourself a spa experience while saving money each month!

 Why filtering your water is no longer optional 

"The average 10-minute shower is the equivalent to drinking 20 gallons of tap water." - Dr Shulze, Detox Speical Report, April 2013

Although modern filtration systems have done a great job at removing infectious pathogens from our water, today's tap water is far from risk-free. Chlorine, which has long been used in the treatment of water for its powerful bacteria-fighting properties, has now been linked to numerous negative health effects, like killing beneficial gut bacteria as well as lowering thyroid function. 

Showering in chlorine-laden water kills the friendly flora that helps your skin stay firm and supple, leading to dandruff, dermatitis, and decreased elasticity. Put simply, chlorine significantly accelerates the aging process of your skin. 

Learn more about chlorine's impact on health. 

How our filtration gets the job done 

Our shower head uses negative ion minerals with unique porous structures that bind to chlorine, heavy metals, and other harmful chemicals, trapping them within the particle structure and leaving you with shower water that is more pure and balanced.

Experience the benefits of clean water

  • Improves the texture and appearance of skin and hair 
  • Increases energy
  • Improves mood
  • Speeds metabolism 
  • and much more!  



Easy installation and durable design 

The 8cm diameter connector is compatible with 99% of standard shower hoses and provides leak-free performance. All parts are easily assembled and disassembled for cleaning and mineral stone replacement. 



✔️ Increase your shower's water pressure

✔️ Save water and money

✔️ Upgrade your health and shower experience 

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