Portable JUUL Charging Case


Arrives in 3-4 business days! 

Never lose your JUUL again! Protect your JUUL, store your pods, and stayed charged all with a single case.

The Portable Juul Charger gives you worry-free experience charging your device on-the-go. It is designed to hold one JUUL vaping device and 3 pods so you will never go out of power again!

You can recharge your JUUL anytime just like an ordinary power bank but in a way that’s more stylish and convenient. It also features an LCD screen indicator that displays how much battery is left for a convenient charging indication.

The compact and ultra slim design make this JUUL charging case very easy to carry around and has an ultra-thin silhouette that looks awesome and professional from any angle. You will never run out of power on your JUUL device anymore!

The Portable Juul Charger is made very intuitive with ultimate thin silhouette design compact enough to fit in your pocket. It allows you to carry 3 extra pods with you at all time eliminating the devastating empty pod scenario. It’s available in 3 vibrant colors that suit your style. The stylish and elegant design makes it very ideal for travel whether out of town, friend visit, and others. The 3 pods and large battery capacity should be enough to keep your vaping satisfaction last for the whole day.

 While the Juul device has risen to become one of the most popular e-cigarette devices available, it receives a lot of attention and praises because of its size and portability. Having one of a Juul device is very convenient compared to those big and heavy vape mods because you can bring it everywhere without having to bring extra luggage. But most vapers knew that the battery won’t last long because of its size.

That’s why an extra power bank with the capability to store 3 more pods is life-saving on these situations. Our Portable Juul Charger does that so you can fully enjoy your Juul more than ever.



Key Features:

  • The lightweight, portable and compact design make it ideal for traveling.
  • The LCD charging indicator screen available for charging indication.
  • Can charge at least 3 times with charging pods inside the case before actually charging the device itself.
  • The ultra-thin silhouette looks elegant from every angle.


  • JUUL and pods are not included
  • Kindly remove JUUL sticker, wrapper, and skin before inserting your JUUL vapor device.