Premium LED Light Strips (Alexa & Wifi Compatible)

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Transform Your House into a spectacle with our economical solution that cost less than a date at the movies 🎞

Control Your Home Lighting. Smart Lights, Smarter Controls via (1) our free phone app(included with purchase), (2) voice control through Amazon Alexa, or (3) the 24-function remote provided in the box. The choice is yours.

Taste The Rainbow 🌈 set the mood for any vibe: blue for relaxing or studying 🙇‍♂️, strobe for partying 🎉, orange for 🎃, ambient for sleeping 💤 and many more options to choose from! 

Installation is easy as pie 🥧, a caveman/cavewoman could do it! Simply remove the protective backing and stick the adhesive light strips to your furniture, walls or anywhere you see fit. Typically, installation takes 60 seconds or less! No extra tools needed. Each strip is 2M long.

Our lifetime guarantee ensures you, your kids and maybe even your grandkids will have this product for a lifetime.

Do we ship 📦 to ___________? Yes, the answer is yes. We ship just about everywhere in the world 🌍

What about tracking? Of course, its 2020 people...

Well, how many should I buy? Well, that depends on what you are trying to do with them? Light up your whole life, or just your dark bathroom so you don't trip and fall in the middle of the night? See below for our buyers' guide

Buyers Guide:

 Standard Bedroom 2 Units
Back-Lit Television or Computer Monitor 1 Unit
Bed Frame 1 Unit
Standard Bathroom 1 Unit
Standard Living Room 3 Units
Standard Kitchen  2 Units
Home Theater 4 Units

Buy with CONFIDENCE ✅with the support of our customer success team. Have a question, or wanna chat for the heck of it? Ping us at our on-site chat widget, emaill us at or DM us @myhouseholdhacks on Instagram. We typically respond within 24 hours. It's our goal to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.  


🌟Until the end of the week, we are running a special promotion. Our customers typically buy 3 units so we'd like to offer you an additional third unit for free if you buy 2. Use discount code buy2get1 at checkout. Must have 3 units added to cart, then apply code at checkout to receive discount.

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