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Clever Cheap (or Free!) Organization

These brilliant organization hacks and storage solutions cost next to nothing – many of them are totally free! Organize your entire house for just pennies!


21 Clever Organization Hacks and Storage Solutions That Cost Next to Nothing

pantry-organization (7 of 9)

Bless’er House made these “wood” pantry crates from diaper boxes.


Washi Tape Pencils and Desk Cup Organizer

These cute pencil cup desk organizers are made from recycled salt containers.

PVC Pipe Washi Organizer

fun washi tape organizer with PVC pipes.


Today’s Creative Blog also used PVC to create this simple paint storage.

Recycled Drawer Paint Storage Shelf

You could also store paint on this handy re-purposed kitchen drawer storage shelf.

Coffee Can Wine RackThis color block coffee can wine rack from Brit+Co. is fantastic!

DIY No Sew Rope Baskets

Make no-sew rope baskets for around $2.50 each, and store everything in style!

Cardboard Drawer Dividers

Don’t toss that cardboard box! Use it to make drawer dividers like A Real Housewife of NYC.


Recycled wipes containers make great twine and ribbon storage in the craft room…

Recycled Plastic Bag Storage from a Wipes Container

…or use them to store your plastic bags like Love, Pomegranate House does.


Organize your cutting boards with this great $2 hack from That’s What Che Said.

Under Sink Trash Bag Organization and Storage

This simple trash bag storage solution from Simply Organized is quick and easy.

Gift Wrap OrganizerThis gift wrap organizer from In My Own Style is as inexpensive as it is pretty!


Use a 6-pack holder to organize scarves in your closet with Making Lemonade.

What’s your favorite way to organize and store items without spending very much money? Let me know in the comments!


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